Hey Girlies,
Yes…I know I broke my promise to my wonderful, amazing readers once again.
I haven’t posted in a long time have I? 

School has been so much work and I’ve been enjoying writing novels…
on wattpad

Its where you write stories about whatever you want. 
Plus, even though I still love the clique to bits…I think its time for me to move on.

So I am SO sorry to the clique that I was in before when I suddenly went MIA for so long and to the great readers of this blog. If you do still want to read some things that I wrote.

(3 still uncompleted, but ongoing novels) 

Please Check out: 

This Can’t Be Goodbye

It’s about two teens who were in love with eachother but one has to move…
And the hardships and fun things about love. 
I know the descriptions bad, but its interesting! 
I promise! 


It Just Had to be You

This story’s similar…but different? 
Theres different POVs :) 

and finally

a One Direction Fanfiction :) 



I’m not saying you guys have to read it, but if you do it’d be appreciated :) 
And commented maybe? :D 

Thank You…for reading this blog the past year.
It was so much fun and I loved writing about Kristen Gregory. 



Why Would You Do This To Me?

Hey Girlies! :)
I’ve changed my header and theme.
What do you guys think?
Does it look okay?

I also changed some tabs so they would all be in one row instead of many so now the HELP! page has two tabs which include both fashion help and also tips on studying.

Well thats enough of my jibber, here is the continuation of what happened with …Dune.


I kept staring at Dune just to make sure that I wasn’t seeing anything and to make sure that it was Dune before doing anything crazy.

Except after 20 minutes of intense staring and him not noticing I knew that it was indeed Dune.

He was at the park with a girl playing with a child.

Who was the kid??
Who was the girl that he was smiling at?

I kept staring, before I stomped over and glared at him.
“So this is what you were doing behind my back?” I said.
“Cheating on me? Really? You could’ve just dumped me instead you know Dune.”

Except…he had just bursted out laughing which obviously made me even more mad than I already was.

“This is nawt funny! This is serious! Why are you laughing?” I yelled at him this time.

That was when the girl who was chuckling a little to herself spoke up.
“Hi! I’m Marilyn and LOL why I’m his cousin! He is not cheating on you! He’s so smitten with you its sickening!” she said while she stuck her tongue out.

I became so red. Did I really just make a fool of myself?
Except, then why hadn’t he replied to my texts?
And why did this girl say LOL? Only LBRs say LOL when they talk.
Except, since she was Dune’s cousin I decided to be nice.

“Ehmagawd! No ways! I’m so sorry!” I said turning red. “Oh, but can I please steal Dune away for a second?” I asked tilting my head a little to the side. She nodded so then I took Dune’s arm and pulled him to the side.

“Explain.” I said. That was all I was going to say.

“Explain what? That she’s my cousin and theres no way that I will date a relative of mine?” he laughed.

I just glared at him and said, “My texts. My calls. My IMs. Everything.”

“OHHH! Sorry babe! It was so busy over at my house with my cousin visiting and everything and….” he looked over to the side and said “She’s here because her parents kicked her out for …” he then pointed at the kid.

My eyes bulged out of my head.
WHAT!? That cute little girl was her child?
How old was she anyways?
I knew teen pregnancy was common, but it wasn’t anything good.

I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded.
“You get it right? I’m sorry. I was going to explain everything later except you saw me here first so yea…and you were like checking me out for 20 minutes” he winked.

“Was not! I just had to make sure it was you!” I giggled. “Well, I’m going shopping so have fun with your cousin!”

He then nodded and said, “Be online later! We gotta catch up!”

I then nodded a little and walked towards the Westchester Mall.


Well this is all for today. ;-)
Hope you liked my post!



Loving You is Like Loving Nobody </3

Hey Girlies <3 

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Hope You Enjoy My Post ;) 


I sighed as I flopped onto my bed.
Dune and I were *nawt* doing good which meant my relationship was going down.
We hadn’t talked in a month and at school he would always avoid me.

What had happened to all the promises he had made me?
All the things he had said?
What had happened to forever?

All I could think about was him and that was nawt good.
Plus the PC were awl on vacation which meant that there was never a time that I could get distracted from him.

He was currently in Westchester (same as me) but he decided to never reply me or never even talk to me.
I had been checking my messages every HOUR and all I would see was that he had seen it…but hadn’t replied.

I got off my bed as I threw my new phone on to it and went to my closet.
I threw on a cute but really casual outfit and then started walking my way towards the westchester mall.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.14.19 PM

That was when I got a text from Mass :)

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.23.56 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.24.10 PM

I laughed. My friend were the best <3
I just couldn’t wait till they were all back.

That was when my iPhone pinged again.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.28.47 PM

They really were ah-mazing.
And Kuh-laire was right.
I shouldn’t be crying over some guy.
I should be having fun!

I then put a huge smile on my face and kept walking.
But then…I saw Dune.

And I did NAWT like what I was seeing.




caz but cute

caz but cute

Splendid black top
$64 -

Rag bone
$190 -

Chanel purse

Long necklace

Retro ring

I’m Back!:)

Hey Girlies!

I’m so sorry for not posting for …. 5? months without any notice!
Around February I became extremely busy causing me to have to take a break from blawging
but now I’m back :)

Today’s just going to be a short little post about what was going on and next week when I post again, I promise to write part 2 of the blog post underneath. (Or should I just write a whole new one?)

While I was gone, I had soccer tourneys (a bunch), tennis tourneys, and I had to study so hard for exams!

Massie got super mad at me for not blogging which totally makes sense.
So, I PROMISE that I will write a post atleast once a week and I will be continuing my other pages in a while.

Also, if any of you guys know any Massie’s that are looking for a Kristen please tell me! (:

Thank You So Much!



Accidents .. Happen … Don’t They? Pt. 1

Hey Girlies! 
I am so sorry for the late update!! 

Anyways a few things I would like to say is that after February I will be putting the 
“Blog of the Month” 
to rest for awhile and start it up again during the summer.

What do you guys think? 

Anyways today my post will be about the ah-mazing day I had at the library (yesyes the *library) with Kuh-laire, Massie, and Alicia. 

Sadly, Dylan was out sick :( 


“Ehmagawd Mass! My mom has been bugging me to do my essay for the past THREE hours!” I said over the phone as I combed my hair. I had already finished my essay, but as always my mom didn’t believe me. She always thought that it took me days to finish an essay when it really only took a few hours of concentration. 

“Oh gawd Kris, you have such strict parents! Let’s go shopping to calm you down,” Massie said. I sighed, I knew my mom would NEVER let me go shopping especially when she thought I hadn’t finished my essay yet. 

“I don’t think I can Mass, how about…the library?” I asked. I really needed a few books for school too, so this was a perfect place.

“Eh-ma-ew?” Massie sad. “Are you kuh-razy? What if people see us? We will be labeled LBR’s for life and I wouldn’t blame them.” I rolled my eyes and decided to defy the alpha this once. 

“Well, if you’re nawt going I’ll go myself with Kuh-laire or something,” I said as I snapped my phone shut. I knew that Massie was thinking of all of us when she said that, but today I somehow really wanted to go to the library so I texted Kuh-laire. 

sexysportsbabe: claire! meet u in the library in 20? Rly need to get some books for class…and for recreation :D 

clairebear: sure! any1 else going? I wanted some books as well 

sexysportsbabe: ill ask dyl and leesh. mass doesnt wanna go ;(

clairebear: gosh she already went last time. i’ll convince her ;) c u! tell me if dyl and leesh can make it! 

sexysportsbabe: gotcha! :D

I then texted Alicia and Dylan to ask them to library. 

sexysportsbabe: hey girlies! library in 20? 

holagurl: ehmaew? but if u insist. im bored anyways. we seriously have to go out more gosh! 

bigredhead: wish :( I’m sick though *coughwiuhwuhi* have fun!

sexysportsbabe: great! c u leesh in 20 and get better dyl! <3

I then snapped my phone shut and went to my closet to pick something out. Since it was library I really didnt have to dress fancy so I took out my skinny jeans from guess, put on my golden stripey A&F sweater, and then slipped my leather brown boots on. Then I took out my pea coat, put on some gloves and went outside to walk to the library. The only good thing about my house was that it was near the library. 

When I got there, I saw Leesh, Dyl, and Mass. They were all crying. So I ran up to them and asked them a simple question. 

“What Happened?” , but while asking that question I realized Claire wasn’t there. 

And that was when I knew that this was serious. 




PS. Check out my RL blog at:

(Check out the About Me Page!:) 

My New Cat!:)

Hey Girlies!
Ever since I posted last time I have decided to post *at least* once in two weeks.
If I don’t get to, I’ll post twice in a week that I’m more free in.
Anyways, today I wanted to talk about my new kitty!
ALSO, if you were any of the people in the “blog of the month” page please check your email!


“Kristen! Ehmagawd yesterday, I walked past the ASPCA and guess what I found? These ah-dorable kittens that I could nawt pry my eyes off of! So I got them, but then my mother got mad since I already have Bean so can you please like…take them?” Massie asked on the phone as I twirled the cord around. This phone was so ancient!

“I’ll have to ask my mom, plus I know cats are territorial. I don’t think Beckham will like it. Except, I’ll still ask,” I smiled through the phone. I could hear Massie’s sigh of relief and then she said, “Go ask! Like NOW!! I’ll wait!” So I put the phone down and went to go look for my mom, who was indeed in the living room curled up on a couch reading a book.

“Hey mom? I have a question to ask,” I said as I walked up to her. She tilted her head up and cocked her head on the side so I continued. “Well, Massie got these kittens from the ASPCA and I was wondering if I could get them?”

My mom suddenly put her book down and had her thinking face on, then she said, “Kris, I don’t know how Beckham will react but sure! And just ONE. I don’t need a whole litter of kittens in my house” I squealed and ran to the phone telling Massie everything.

Today, I was going to get a new kitty.


“Which one do you want Kris?” Massie asked. There were three kittens, all tabby, but two were orange while one was black. I looked at all of them, all of them were ah-dorable. Except, in the end. I decided to go with the black tabby. It’s ears were drooped and it had these adorable little blue eyes. I smiled as I picked it up and said , “Hey Lulu I guess I’m your new owner now”