New Look, New Me

Hey Girlies!

As you may notice, I have completely redone my blog.
I have changed the theme, deleted some pages, deleted all of my old posts, and edited many of my pages.
I hope this new look is fine for all of you!
I personally think it is adorbs.

As you also may know, it has almost been a year since I left the blog and now I am in the tenth grade. This means that we are all 16 now. 🙂

Now on to the details of the day!


Westchester Automall
Westchester, NY
11:00 AM 

 “Guys, I really think we should go see BMW now,” Massie sighed as we walked around Volkswagen. It had been Massie’s birthday yesterday and her parents were letting her choose a car of her choice for her to drive around.

“Mass! Why? The wagon is so adorbs though!” Claire cooed as she walked around. The storekeepers were also all glaring at us. They probably thought that we were in there for fun.

“Ugh seriously Claire, do you actually think that I want to drive a wagon? We’re def going to BMW…stat,” Massie said as she turned around and left. We all scurried behind her and followed her out. I was completely out of it today. First of all, I was completely jealous that Massie could even get her own car so young and second of all, I knew that if I even asked my mother for a car that she would flip out on me complaining about her money.

As we walked around the automobile dealerships, we finally spotted BMW and walked in. When we did, the salesman quickly came up to us and started catering us. It was obvious that this salesman was quite desperate. He was answering all of Massie’s questions as quickly as possible as Massie nodded her head.

“Mass, are you sure you even want a BMW? What about a Porsche or something?” I laughed when Massie told the man that she wanted to see all of the financial parts of it. If you can tell, all of us had grown quite a lot these past few years. We were all a lot more reasonable with our money and wouldn’t pay hundreds for a flimsy T-shirt. We also weren’t totally brand name now and looked at more of the quality of the shirt.

“Oh please, Kris I wish! My dad said that I had to stay with the lower end models and brands since I might crash it up a bit,” she laughed. I giggled as I walked around the place. If my parents would even get me a car it would definitely be a Mazda, Honda, or maybe even a Toyota! Those were the cheap car brands. That was when Claire crept behind me and smiled.

“Massie’s quite a lucky girl isn’t she?” Claire asked as she pet the car in front of us. I knew nothing about cars, but I did know that the car she was touching was quite a pricey one.

“For sure! I’m so happy I have another companion with me that won’t be able to get such an expensive car. I swear, I’ll have to work my ass off when I grow up!” I sighed.

“Oh please, same here! Leesh just got an Audi, Dylan got a Benz, Massie’s probs going to get a BMW and then we’ll be there either walking or driving a crap car!” she giggled.

“Or you’ll be with Cammy boy who’d drive you everywhere and I’d be here actually walking. Or public transportation! I don’t even want to think about it!” I laughed. We then talked a whole bunch while the rest of the PC talked to the salesman.

When they finally finished a hour later, Massie was all set and was to come tomorrow with her dad. Claire and I had caught up a bunch, and honestly even though there was a little bit of jealousy? We were still all closer than ever.


So….what did you guys think about car shopping?
I know it was not that interesting, but I am just getting the hang of it again so please ride the bumpy roller coaster with me again.

This is all for today!